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Studio  4

 Hair Salon

We temporarily suspended our Pedicure services until we can find a new staff. If you know of someone, please refer to us.

ALL SERVICE PRICE listed here are for Studio 4 Employee Stylists (see Team). Service price is based on experiences level of stylist. The prices shown are for typical and normal hair (meaning medium-fine, non-curly, above shoulder length, hair that is regularly cut no less than every 6-8 weeks). Actual price may be higher than the listed prices below based on length, texture, and amount of hair to be serviced. Before a service, our stylist will discuss with you if your service price is going to be higher than the typical prices shown below.

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Extra costs for other additional services.

ALL SERVICE OFFERS AND DISCOUNTS on this website and Studio 4 Facebook account are valid with specific  
Studio 4 employee(s) only.

Independent Stylists prices vary. Call for Independent stylist prices.